Solar Thermal

Harnessing energy from the sun to heat the water for your home or business.

Solar water heating (known as solar thermal) will provide you with hot water throughout the year, with a little help from a boiler or immersion heater in the winter. Once you’ve paid for the initial installation you will start to see your costs reduce.

As with all renewable heating systems, as well as cutting costs you will also cut your carbon footprint.

The benefits

Solar Thermal panels are a worthwhile consideration for any commercial development or residential property.

Solar Thermal offers huge benefits in terms of building design offering SAP and BREAM benefits, as well as being eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive, providing an additional revenue stream, reducing payback times and enhancing your return on investment.

What’s involved?

Solar panels will be fitted to your roof or any surface where they can utilise direct sunlight. To get the best results they should be at an angle between 20 and 50 degrees from horizontal (most pitched roofs fall within this bracket).

The panels collect heat from the sun and use it to heat water that is stored in a hot water cylinder.

There are two types of solar water heating panels:

  • Evacuated tubes
  • Flat plate collectors, which can be fixed on the roof tiles or integrated into the roof

Every heating system is unique to the property and the owner’s requirements, give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide our recommendations for the best means of generating energy for you.