Underfloor Heating

Water based floor heating will sit beneath stone, tile, wooden or even carpeted surfaces in your residential or commercial property.

It offers a heating alternative to radiators for the entire building and with an integrated control system you can manage individual room temperatures and reduce your energy consumption at the same time.

The benefits

With the hidden pipes, it will clear your rooms of ineffective and impractical wall-hung radiators, as well as preventing dust that can gather behind them – ideal for sufferers of allergies. Underfloor heating has virtually no maintenance costs and will assist with reducing your heating bills.

What’s involved?

A wet underfloor heating system supplies heat via a series of pipes set beneath the floor, which circulate water from the heat source. Wet systems are particularly suited to new floor constructions, which provide the room for the necessary pipe work and cement screed, however it is still possible to install these systems when renovating an existing property.

Every heating system is unique to the property and the owner’s requirements, give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide our recommendations for the best means of generating energy for you.